Monday, December 31, 2012

p²'s Favorite Songs of 2012: Time Travel Edition, Part One

We're getting in my time machine today. When I should have been writing this blog post I was applying to grad school, running around like a crazy person trying to get admitted to grad school, irresponsibly driving to San Francisco for NYE and running around like a crazy person trying to get moved to LA in time to start grad school. So we're just going to pretend I posted this in December and you're just getting around to reading it now.

Something else I was doing in the months since I last wrote anything for this blog (I posted my grad school application essay but I didn't write that for my blog) was falling in love. I mention that because you'll probably notice a proliferation of love songs and “I'm super happy and bouncy because I'm in love” songs.

In fact, even though this song is from 2006 it's probably been the most-played song on my iPhone since October. As if I didn't love this song enough already.

So, you'll find periodic references to someone named Michael. That's him.

While I was time traveling, I decided to write this backwards this year. Usually by the time I get to the number one song, I'm so done that I can barely think of anything more to say. This year, I wrote the blurbs starting with number one and worked my way down. However, I'm not posting it that way. I love a big reveal. The only reason I even mention it is to reassure you that part two of this post is already written and waiting to be posted tomorrow. I know I sometimes promise a part two and then take my sweet time getting to it. You can enjoy this knowing you won't be left hanging.

22. Candy (Robbie Williams -- So every year when I make this list, I always find a song or two that I'd never heard but end up liking so much I put them on this list. This is that song for this year. It just makes me smile. And bounce.

21. Titanium (David Guetta/Sia) – I'd never heard this song until the chick who had been bullied sang it in her X Factor audition (and shared a tender moment with Demi Lovato after).

20. Shake It Out (Florence and the Machine) – I have to admit I think I like this song more in theory than in practice. Florence and the Machine is in the same category as Mumford and Sons for me – I know they're really good but they don't really thrill me. There's no denying her voice though. Pretty awesome.

19. We Are Young (fun.) – If I weren't time traveling back to December to make this list, this song would be much higher. It's just kept growing on me. I love his voice, although after his performance at the Grammys, I'm wondering if he was just nervous or if his studio stuff is auto-tuned. Auto-tune. The anabolic steroids of the music industry. Would that make Britney Spears Barry Bonds?

18. Live While We’re Young (One Direction) – Somehow I went until November before I ever heard this song. Even scarier is that I'd never heard a One Direction song. Y'all know I love 13-year-old-girl pop music. I may have to investigate more of their music.

17. People Like Us (Kelly Clarkson) – I've got to be honest. If this weren't one of Michael's favorite songs it might not have made the list. I don't dislike it. But I probably wouldn't have listened to it enough to like it. Here's my issue with it. It's a song about misfits. My perception of Kelly Clarkson is not “outsider”. I suppose as a pop star she feels like she doesn't fit in. And I'm happy for any support for people who feel like they don't belong. It just feels contrived to me.

16. Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepson/Alex Goot, Dave Days & Chad Sugg) – I'm honestly shocked that this song isn't in my top ten. It's sooooo my kind of sugar-coated pop music. I hope my taste in music isn't maturing. That would suck. I'm posting this cover instead of the original just because it's fun. I liked Carly Rae's version as much or more.

15. Catch My Breath (Kelly Clarkson) – I like this song a lot. I really do. But there were songs on Stronger that I liked better and they were never released as singles. One of them was on last year's list – Don't Be a Girl About It – and another is much higher on this list. I think I'm just confused. None of the new songs on her greatest hits album have a Kelly Clarkson sound. I would understand if they all skewed County since she seems to be dipping her foot into that. But only one of them is. Oddly, it's the one I like best (it's up higher on this list).

14. Burn It Down (Linkin Park/Paul vanDyk mix) – Paul vanDyk can rescue virtually anything from mediocrity. I've tried several times to listen to the original mix of this song. I can't get through it. But this remix rocks.

13. My Signature Move (P!nk) – This song is about me in every relationship I was ever in before I got sober. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hopes I don't regress.

12. Is This Thing On? (P!nk) – This is one of four P!nk songs on the list. I'm going to have call The Truth About Love my favorite album of the year. And not surprisingly, my favorite P!nk album ever is the second-worst selling album of her career. It's only been out for six months, so I suppose it could move up. But the album in front of this one sold about 1.5 million copies and this one hasn't even hit 800,000 yet.

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