Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Idol -- Top 11 Results

OK. This is very late and it may be short. Last night’s show hit an exceedingly high level on the boring scale, even as compared to other results shows.

We must have paused and gone frame by frame for five minutes trying to figure out what was up with the bloody women in the audience. I was only mildly surprised to learn they were fans of Siobhan – Siobhanbies. This girl gets “quirkier” every day.

Usually I’m irritated about the obviously (and badly) lip synched aspect of the group number. But I have a feeling this one may have been live because they seemed to be singing with the words for a change; and I just know they would have made them redo that last note if they had the chance. Yikes.

Also aberrational, we learned something that hovers around interesting during the mostly insipid chat session. I liked that Siobhan acknowledged that she made a conscious decision to stick with the final scream this week because of the importance of making the top ten. I also thought it showed she has a head for the competitive aspect of the process. Kudos, crazy girl.

I momentarily worried for Lee when Ryan had him and Casey stand together. As soon as he also told Tim and Paige to stand, however, I knew how it was going to play out.

Tim, we get it. You had fun. Yay. But can I disabuse you of the notion that your performance was in any way entertaining?

I have said several times over the past season and a half that I have grown to love and respect Ryan’s role on the show. I am not taking that back here. BUT, sometimes in his fervor to stick it to Simon he completely goes off the rails with regard to the rules and format of the show. When Simon said – completely reasonably – that they had no intention of saving Paige regardless of how she performed right then, Ryan quickly jumped in and asked if that was unanimous. I know I’m inferring a little bit here, but it was clear (to me) that he was trying to indicate that Simon wasn’t the only one that had a say in the matter. That’s not really accurate. The SAVE has to be unanimous, which means that any one of them that says no does have the only say. Simon spoke because Ryan asked him. If Ryan had truly wanted someone else’s opinion there, he should have asked them. Once Simon said he wasn’t saving her, the matter was closed.

I don’t want to be full of myself here, but I would contend that it was America that only got two of the bottom three right, and I was correct on all three counts.

I completely misread the sympathy vote. It was clear that it was Andrew that received it instead of Paige.

I can’t imagine Paige was all that bummed to be going home. She only had one week out of five where she didn’t get dressed down by the judges and her voice was practically destroyed in the process.

One final thought – I can hardly wait to hear Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly on tour this summer. Ugh.



  1. janet here -- did you see that michael slezak called it a "tour of doodie." priceless! also, some blog on that goes into what happens off camera and in between commercials made it sound like that number WAS prerecorded and the writer was like, man, if that's the best you can get out of them prerecorded that's pretty sad. actually, i missed it.

  2. I didn't read the "on the scene" report this week. I hesitated to write that I thought it was live because I couldn't imagine they would take that chance with this group, but I also couldn't imagine that they wouldn't try to fix that last note. Does auto tune not have a "multiple voices" setting?

  3. janet again -- did you change the background on the blog or did my computer just go wonky?

  4. LOL. I did indeed change the background. What do you think? I also reformatted it as a 3-column page instead of two (which I had wanted all along but wasn't available until recently).

  5. i like the three columns but i am never a fan of white print on a dark background. i believe you have just broken walter weir's big rule! ; )

  6. As soon as I saw the way things don't "bold" in white, I didn't like it anymore. I have to figure out the whole color scheme again now.