Thursday, March 4, 2010

AI Top 20 Results

I guess there will be a post tonight.

When will I learn to fast forward through these group numbers? And you know the ones that have never watched the show before (Crystal, Casey) have to be wondering what the hell they got themselves into.

That was nice of them to let Tim relax immediately. He always looks so stressed.

Well, I like this bottom two (Todrick and John). And I'm one for one on the night. I WILL fast forward through his performance because there is nothing about him I find interesting.

For God's sake, Lambert is safe again. This doesn't seem like a very suspenseful bottom two. Andrew couldn't possibly be going home already. OK. That would have been a disgrace so it's a good thing it worked out the way it did. Why can't he just shut his mouth? I'm so happy to see him go. I suppose I'm happier that I have to put up with Alex Lambert one more time than this one. And again, I fast forward.

How long will I be able to listen to Danny Hokey? I guess we'll see. I doubt that I'll be downloading this, but I'm not hating it either. I am wondering why he hasn't used his fame and opportunity to help push his best friend -- the guy he said he could barely live without.

That's the most I've ever liked Danny Gokey.

Well, my two picks are in different rows so there is a shot that I got them right. Down to Didi and Michelle. It can't be Didi. Please it can't be Didi. Wow. Kara took a stand. I like it. Phew. That was stressful. I won't fast forward through Michelle because even though I suspected she would be eliminated, I really like her and wish that she was sticking around.

It's down to Haeley and Lacey. Either of these two could go and it wouldn't be a surprise. So, I got three out of four this week.

Ryan had to want to slap Debbie the producer, acting like he doesn't know what he's doing out there.

Oh no. How is it possible that she sounds even worse tonight? This is a shame. And again, Tivo cut me off before she was done singing. Why can't I remember to add two minutes to these recordings?

I have to say that even with one of my four being wrong, I think the right four went home tonight. It could have been Paige instead of Michelle this week, but then it would have just been Michelle next week. And the same with Jermaine and Alex Lambert. There are still three guys that I don't think belong in the top 12, so one of them is going to get there -- Alex, Tim or Todrick. In the end it doesn't really matter which one it is, as long as it is only one of them.


  1. janet here -- no surprises, for sure. and OMG how awful did haeley sound again? cringeworthy. i was thinking exactly what you were about the group song and who looked the most uncomfortable and clearly crystal and casey were like "just get through it, just get through it." it wasn't scott mcintyre uncomfortable, but it was close.

  2. check this out:


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  4. i wish you would blog about the oscars last night.

  5. I only saw about half of the oscars. plus, i don't see enough films to feel like i can add anything intelligent to the proceedings.