Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AI Semi-Finals -- Top 8 Boys

This format of very little intro is difficult for me to get used to. I think they still haven't got the rhythm of the four judge format right yet. They may need to go to a 90-minute show when they get in the ten, nine, eight area this year. I don't think they will, but they should.

Here we go.

Lee Dewyze (Fireflies) -- So, here's the thing about him. He's really confident and he seems to know what he wants to do up there. And right now that is camouflaging some real vocal deficiencies. It will be interesting to see what happens when they get on the big stage, but he'll definitely be there. 7.25

It's interesting that I think the judges are saying what I just said, only they don't seem to see anything but upside here.

Just like with the girls, it seems like they are all way too concerned about the judges' comments.

Alex Lambert (Trouble) -- It's no secret that I don't like this kid, but I can say that he is definitely improving every week. If the trend of two or three of them going backward every week continues tonight, this performance will probably get him into the top 12. 7.0

I don't know how Ellen remembers what comments she made to each contestant every week. I guess I do know how. She's doing stand up. That's a little bothersome. As for Kara, she can't seriously think this guy has a shot at winning, can she? I can't really imagine a scenario where that happens.

I'm going to have nightmares about Randy in a bikini tonight. How would someone "wear" a binky?

Tim Urban (Hallelujah) -- I had to pause as soon as Ryan said what Tim was singing because I'm not sure I want to hear it. I'm going to take a deep breath and brace myself. OK. Here we go. Oh. One more thing. I will be imagining Tim in a bikini. WTF. He's like a different singer from the first week. At least 80 percent of his notes are in tune. Get used to Tim Urban. He's going on tour this summer. That was so far better than anything he's done before I don't even really understand how it happened. 7.75

Well, I can't complain about anything the judges said since it was exactly what I said. Have you ever seen whiter teeth than his?

Andrew Garcia (Genie in a Bottle) -- I think it's not that he is picking bad songs or anything like that. I think maybe he had a really good night in Hollywood, but he's not as good as we thought. He sounds fine, but there's nothing particularly intriguing about him. I couldn't even remember him before the show started. 6.75

I wouldn't have said what Randy did, but I think he had a point. He should have shown more range. Simon also is right on with the desperate comment. They really need to let that Straight Up crap go now, though.

Casey James (You'll Think of Me) -- This is the Casey that I like best. I know that sitting there with the guitar could get a little boring sometimes, but he looks like that's where he belongs. And he sounds so much better than last week. He's definitely safe. 7.5

I guess Ellen and I saw the same thing. It's almost weird that she picked up the same thing I did. I agree with Simon that the song/performance won't last in our minds, but it will last long enough to get him some votes.

Aaron Kelly (I'm Already There) -- Is it just me or does this guy (and maybe the judges too) think he has a bigger voice than he really does. I'm not saying he's a bad singer, but it looks like he thinks he's blowing the doors off the song and I'm not hearing that. He's got at least three more weeks where his cuteness will get him through. 7.25

Obviously it sounds different there than it does on TV. Oh, OK. Well, Ellen heard it more the way I did than Randy did.

Todrick Hall (Somebody to Love) -- How you gonna get yourself compared favorably to Freddie Mercury when you have a barely serviceable vocal instrument, Todrick? At least he left the melody alone tonight. I really wanted to like him coming out of Hollywood, but I just don't feel him at all right now. And I didn't think that was a very good vocal at all. 6.5

Wow. Obviously I did not hear what they did. I do like him, so I won't be angry if he makes the top 12 but I didn't hear all that.

Michael Lynche (This Woman's Work) -- This is the first week that I've really thought he can sing. I have never liked him as much as I do tonight. I'm finally on board with Michael Lynche after that. 9.0

That definitely put him on the map. Kara is channeling Paula over there. I've never seen her show actual human emotion before. Man, that was a moment. I think up till now they were claiming people had moments when really they had interesting performances. He really had a moment with that song.

Things are all sorts of confusing tonight. Other than Michael Lynche, there weren't a whole bunch of stand out performances. There also weren't any really terrible ones either though. I don't know how the judges' comments are going to factor in. I would probably send Todrick and Alex home just because I don't think they are as good as the others overall. However, based on what happened tonight, I have a feeling that Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly might be leaving us.

Honestly, all I can really say is that I believe Casey James, Lee Dewyze and Michael Lynche are definitely making the top 12. After that, I think it's a crapshoot. Tim Urban got praised to the point that he will lose the sympathy vote, so is he good enough to make it on just this week? We'll see. Who heard Todrick correctly, me or the judges? How many people see the same spark in Alex Lambert that the judges do? I guess we'll see tomorrow.

Since I did this last night with the girls, I'll rank the boys tonight as well (but I'm going to leave all eight of them in the list because I do not feel confident that I got this right at all).

  1. Lee Dewyze
  2. Michael Lynche
  3. Casey James
  4. Aaron Kelly
  5. Tim Urban
  6. Andrew Garcia
  7. Alex Lambert
  8. Todrick Hall

Who do you think will make it to the big stage?


  1. janet here -- i was also puzzled by the praising of toddrick. i thought the vocal was actually very sloppy and he missed A LOT of notes. perhaps they will hear that when they watch the playback. i didn't know that song michael sang and was trying hard to catch the lyrics but it was obvious less than halfway through that he was having one of THOSE performances. it was terrific. tim definitely stepped it up on hallelujah, which i was also holding my breath for. and casey played it way too safe, but he'll have no problems getting through. i agree that aaron's voice doesn't sound as impressive as it may look (if that makes a bit of sense). alex, i still don't know what to to make of him. and i'm drawing a blank on the name of the neck-tattooed, paula abdul singing guy -- jeez, what is it? but i think he's going home. i'm really not sure who the other one will be. (does it start with an A?...)

  2. ANDREW! (oh, i forgot lee. i absolutely detest that song, but he made it somewhat tolerable.)

  3. As opposed to the girls, there were no absolutely horrible renditions. Michael Lynche was, of course, a standout tonight. Lee was good and so was Casey. When I heard what Aaron was singing, I thought, Oh God, one of the most sappy songs ever written (and I thought he had some major pitchiness). Andrew is falling... FAST! I thought Tim had his best performance but I thought Jason Castro's version was better. Alex --- everytime I hear that song, I think of that dog with his bone. You know the commercial. And Todrick -- meh. I think Todrick and, in a surprise, Andrew are going home.

  4. I bet you're as likely to remember this as you would my birthday. "This Woman's Work" is my favorite song. Sadly, it was butchered. I know that it's been covered by men, but it's a women's song. Yes, it's written from a man's perspective, but it's a Kate Bush song that has every bit of emotion just pulled right the fu(k out of it when a male tries to sing it (especially one who can't sing).