Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AI Semi-Finals -- Top 10 Girls

I haven't turned the TV on yet, but I want to say this upfront. This season is a chore right now. Five hours of this every week is making me really grouchy. I like the semi-final format they used last year a lot better because even if the entire group of eight or twelve or however many there were sucked, you had a whole new batch to look forward to the next week. I am dreading this.

Thank goodness Crystal is here tonight. For a second there I thought they were going to make her sing right then and there.

I think Kara has intentionally stopped throwing her arm up so high when she says hello. Is it possible I am not the only person disconcerted by that flagrant pitting of America every week?

Randy thought the guys were really good last night. Is he high? Ellen ain't working for me right off the bat. Are the producers reading the message boards this year. Every time people bring something up (Kara's idol worship of Simon this time) it seems to be addressed right away.

Crystal Bowersox (Long As I Can See the Light) -- I wonder if she's going first so she can go lie down afterward? I'm feeling bad for her tonight. She looks really uncomfortable up there. Fortunately, I think she could sing well even if she were in a coma. Now, THAT'S how you start the night. 8.5

Did Simon say misunderestimated?

She is so not the typical AI contestant. She couldn't even get the hokey phone number thing right because she was too busy being a real person. Imagine that.

Haeley Vaughn (The Climb) -- So, she's going to really go younger this week. From The Beatles to Miley Cyrus. Here's what I don't really understand. She specifically said in her audition that she wanted to be a country singer, so why doesn't she choose country songs? I don't really know this song, but it still sounds kind of karaoke to me. I thought she would be the 16 year old that really did well, but I think she's just too young for this. It was barely so so. 5.0

OH EM GEE! Kara and I are like the wonder twins this year. She does need another year at least.

Wow, Ryan. Smack Simon down for real, dad!

Lacey Brown (Sixpence None the Richer) -- Have you noticed the judges almost never talk about what they wear anymore. I only say that because I like Lacey's style. I think she wears her clothes really well. They always look like her. I didn't realize I knew this song. I don't think she will ever be in my top three, but I definitely liked her better this week. In fact, I think I liked this performance more than any of the guys' performances from last night (except Lee Dewyze). 7.25

OK. I'm going to say something really drastic here. If Kara goes one more week of giving coherent, constructive criticism I will retire her "Satan" moniker for the rest of the season.

C'mon Simon. How you gonna rip her for taking the advice she's given? I swear he and Randy think they are there specifically to confuse and confound the contestants.

Katie Stevens (Put Your Records On) -- Every time she sings, it snows in Connecticut. So, sometimes they can't get to the viewing parties. Every time, sometimes. Does she realize this is only her second live performance? It's a good thing she can sing, because she sure don't understand math. I wish the makeover people would help her look less pageanty. If she dressed as nerdy as she is, I think that would work better. She could grow into this competition. She's got a great voice. And apparently it's fairly versatile. I didn't know she'd be able to get that smoky sound at all. This is what I expected from her after the first audition. I'm in a much better mood tonight. 7.25

I haven't agreed with a thing Randy has said all season. I liked the beginning of the song. Does Ellen want her to sing Pat-a-Cake? I think Simon has a good point. I'm not sure she knows what kind of artist she wants to be.

I know Ryan is trying to help, but it starts to get painful and awkward after a couple minutes.

Didi Benami (Lean on Me) -- I love that she looked up the word indulgent. Because sometimes when Simon uses that word, I don't understand what he means either. I think if this season doesn't come down to her, Crystal and either Casey or Lee, there's no justice. After her and Crystal, the talent drops off tremendously. 8.5

Randy hates everything tonight. I liked the song. I don't agree with Kara, but what she said makes perfect sense. I don't understand Simon's comments at all. I actually rewound and listened again to see if I was just listening with my bias toward her. But I liked it the second time around as well.

I liked that she didn't say anything rather than breaking down in tears. That wouldn't have helped.

Michelle Delamor (With Arms Wide Open) -- You know they are going to say something like, well that was too big a risk. That's not you at all. We don't know who you want to be. She might be one of the five prettiest girls ever on this show. This doesn't seem like much more of a stretch for her than last week. I thought it was kind of pedestrian to tell you the truth. 6.5

OK. Randy and I finally agree. The outfit IS hot. And as soon as I said they never talk about the outfits anymore, he does. Hmm. Kara and Simon give her the thumbs up. It's a weird night at the judges' table, which really means it's business as usual this season.

Lily Scott (A Change Is Gonna Come) -- David Archuleta used to close his all the time too and it really bothered Simon. I honestly didn't even notice that her eyes were closed last week. In the first two weeks, they have already done like a half dozen songs that were done just last season. Are there only 20 songs on all the Billboard charts in the history of pop music? Now that they pointed it out I noticed that she closes her eyes. I like her when she's on stage, but she was one of the five I couldn't remember without looking. She sounds really good though. I'll try to remember her next week. 8.25

I guess Randy had to finally like something tonight. I guess we just added a third contender among the girls. I agree with Simon though. I liked Crystal a little bit better.

Katelyn Epperly (The Scientist) -- Damn, those are some big-ass earrings girl. Can they choose what color piano they want? She looks waaaaay better than last week. She's having a Tim Urban moment for me, by which I mean I expected nothing and I'm getting more than that for sure. This is by far the best she's done, Hollywood and audition included. 7.25

I was thinking exactly what Simon said -- I didn't really understand what Kara was saying that time either. And I guess Simon agreed with me as well. He said essentially the same thing I did about her.

Paige Miles (Walk Away) -- She still reminds me of Kimberley Locke. I hope she grows and grows on me like Kimberley did. This is my least favorite Kelly Clarkson song ever. I don't mind this toned down version so much. But I still don't see where they get off saying she has the best voice of all of them. OK. Toward the end of the song I'm getting it a little bit. I'm still not sure I agree, but I saw flashes there. 7.25

I didn't realize Kara wrote that song. I swear I didn't hate it just because Kara wrote it. I had never even heard of Kara when I first heard that song. That's why it's a risk to sing a song in front of the songwriter. You might not get it right and it's going to be obvious to her.

Siobhan Magnus (Think) -- This is definitely a big song. Maybe too big. That one note scared me. She sounds OK when she stays down in the lower range, but those high notes are a little screechy for me. She nailed that last big note though, didn't she? 7.5

I guess it sounded better there. They're going crazy there. Again, I'm with Simon.

So, before we get to who I think is going home I have to say that I'm really struggling so far this season. I feel like I'm phoning it in with these posts, but watching has almost been a drudge so far. Tonight was finally a little better overall, but they need to step it up big time or this is going to be a really long season.

Anyway, I think Haeley Vaughn will definitely go, mostly because she sang early and she wasn't nearly bad enough to get the sympathy vote. She was just garden variety bad. That's always trouble. And, through no real fault of her own, I think Michelle Delamor might end up going home. I think the girls did significantly better than the guys, but again, they all need to get a lot better.

I'm just glad it's over. I will probably not get to watch the results show until late tomorrow night, so there might not be a results post. I'll see what I can do, but no promises.


  1. OK, I'm totally with you on Didi Benami. I was thinking, are the judges and I watching the same show? I actually rewound the performance and listened to it with my back turned to the TV. Still liked it.

    Crystal knocked my sox off. Lilly was good too. Haeley was GAWD-awful! Michelle -- sometimes a rock ballad needs to stay a rock ballad. Paige -- forgettable. Katie -- I totally get what the judges are saying and I guess she really likes those retro sounding songs. She needs to sound more current... my suggestion would be to sing Adele.

    Siobhan -- that note scared me, too. I think the song was too big for her, but what I will give her... she is FEARLESS. Lacey -- cute, but not great. Katelyn -- she surprised me. I actually really liked this.

    So who is going home... Haeley for sure and I think Paige will go homewith her.

  2. Agree with most of what you write, except that I think Didi is a disaster, and I think last nite was her last nite.

    And Simon should be kicked off the show for "misunderestimated."

  3. janet here -- first off, if we are going to kick simon off of idol for misunderestimated then we should have impeached the Former Occupant for it. there. i also like didi and like her voice but kara was absolutely right when she said that didi should have just done with the guitar. she chose the absolutely wrong vibe for the artist she says she is and wants to be. plus, that is the most overdone song ever and i could live the rest of my life and be happy if i never heard it again. so i think she could be in trouble. haeley needs to go. i actually liked what michelle did with that song (which has its limitations to begin with because it is a generic rock ballad) but she did precisely what the judges say they are looking for. i absolutely do not see what everyone is seeing in katelyn. she is very cornball to me. i can tell she can sing but i don't get who she is at all. overall though the girls were far better than the boys. crystal was the best i thought and i guarantee if she makes it to the top 12, they will fix those two gaping wholes in her teeth. petr, i thought the same thing you did when ellen told katie to be younger yet again, only i was thinking "good ship lollipop."

  4. janet again -- i'm typing so fast. of course i meant "holes" in her teeth. not wholes. sorry.

  5. Well, I was too strict giving points to the boys so I decided to be a bit more open and allow one point for the "nervous" factor. So in theory, in a perfect fearless world, their score I gave should go up about one (1) Point.Crystal 7 (and that's because I really don't care mush about her style although I think she is leaving the best for later, Haeley,well, 5. Lacey 7, Katie 8, Didi 8, Michelle 8, Lilly 9, Katelyn 8, Paige 9 (even that the song choice was horrific but she pulled it off) and Siobhan, ah, Starsearch Note, that was so cool and risky and very difficult, that in my world is worth a 9. I think next week I am doing a score sheet to vote on three aspects and then add their scores at the end. Voice, Stage presence and video. Just for fun. :)

  6. I watched it dvrd late so here goes my scores a day late
    Crystal - 10
    Haley - 4
    Lacey - 5
    Katie - 6
    Didi - 5 (I like her but this was awful)
    Michelle - 5
    Lilly - 9
    Kaitlyn - 8
    Paige - 8
    Sibhon - 7 (that note was nails to the board)

    Haley and Michelle were my choices to go