Thursday, March 11, 2010

AI -- Unveiling the Top 12

Let's get right to it.

I wonder if Paula gets irritated watching Simon and Kara buddy up to each other like that.

I think they should have made Randy don a bikini for the picture.

The only thing worse than watching them ruin some song I love during their group numbers is watching them ruin a song I've never heard before. Let's hear it for autotune.

The Rolling Stones. That will be interesting, although I'm not sure in a good way or a bad way.

Didi's up first. That has to be a good sign for her. I don't think they've ever sent anyone home as the first person up. Plus when you are the first person in you get to have just unbridled joy because you haven't caused anyone to go home.

It's all fine and good to tell Siobhan to keep doing what she's doing, until she's in the bottom three a couple of times. Then what?

Wow. I did not expect that. I like Paige better than Katelyn Epperly, but I didn't think America would see it that way.

She probably should have done that song without the keyboard Tuesday night. Especially since it looked like she wasn't playing it anyway.

Tim, Todrick, Lee, Casey. Just drag em all down there. They aren't even playing with these guys. All of you, get out. We're going to take our chances with just the girls this year. Oh, maybe that was just my wishful thinking.

So my favorite guy and my favorite girl were both the first ones through. I can relax now. And eye candy, I mean Tim, gets through.

How do they think there's tension when you get Lee and Todrick standing next to each other. I thought Todrick was going to say that people came up and said they voted for him, but obviously they were lying.

I stand by my assessment of his vocal. Not good.

So that means that Andrew is going to skate by into the top 12 and either Aaron or Alex will be leaving (I think).

Yeah, because this song makes way more sense as a duet than Baby Grand, which was done as a duet originally (and has .0001% of the cheese factor). And I'm sorry, I still think he can see and he's just been faking it. Of course, he's still pretending he can hit all the notes in the songs he sings.

If Scott has an album out and Matt has a number one single, why did they do a cover?

Has anyone ever looked as somber as Crystal after being told they made it to the top 12?

Well, if it's just between Katie and Lily, Katie has to be the one going home.

And if it's just between Andrew and Alex, maybe I'm going to get my wish after all.

They both look absolutely certain that they will be the one going home. YES! So, I was wrong about who I thought WOULD go home, but exactly right about who I thought SHOULD go home.

Crystal looks like she had no idea what was supposed to be happening here tonight. People are going home girl. If you can't take it now, you're going to be a disaster in about three weeks.

OMG, he's a mess. Nobody wants to be seen like that on TV.

WHATTTTTT?!! Wow. That's the very first surprise of the season. How on earth is Lily the one going home? I'm shocked. Apparently I wasn't the only one that thought this song was bigger than her. But, even considering that, I would still have put her through over Katie.

So, even though I chose both guys wrong, I am not surprised even mildly by those results. In fact, I think they were the right choices.

The women, however, are a different story. I never liked Katelyn, but I'm not sure that Katie and Paige have done any better than her. And I know that Lily didn't deserve to be going home tonight. That was just crazy.

So, here's your top 12 (in something resembling the order I see them -- not exactly, but roughly):
  • Crystal Bowersox
  • Didi Benami
  • Siobhan Magnus
  • Casey James
  • Lee Dewyze
  • Michael Lynche
  • Katelyn Epperly
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Tim Urban
  • Paige Miles
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Katie Stevens

What's your take on tonight's eliminations?


  1. "Crystal looks like she had no idea what was supposed to be happening here tonight."

  2. I cannot believe they sent Lily home---she is great---that song was too big for her but she had her own style for it---

    hey they sent home Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, --Allison before Danny...its a popularity contest not a talent contest sometimes---

    Also when Ryan wanted Randy to comment on the dancer's singing (it was good) he dismissed him big time--"just leave it alone...just leave it alone.." Funny

    felt bad for the Lambert kid--he is a sweet guy--

    Also--Ellen said that being good means that you had hard knocks along the way---and you pick yourself back up---I think she is absolutely right...

    Thanks Peter for your writings--love then everyday--cant wait to read em...

  3. janet here -- what a shocker with lily being sent home. i was also shocked when it came down to alex and andrew. i thought alex's star was on the rise and andrew was on his way down. very surprising and interesting night. the biggest thing for me was whatever was going on with crystal? perhaps something personal? i mean seriously, it looked like her grandma had just died. i hope she's all right. i don't know if you read this yet but her health problem is diabetes.

  4. i'm so unimpressed with most of this group, that i briefly considered not watching anymore. but then i remembered your posts, petr, and THAT's what's keeping me watching! that, and the hope that i might connect with one of these young'uns one of these days...

  5. I was very surprised about Lily. But it makes sense if a lot of young people are voting. She had an older sense and confidence about her. A youngster would see her as their mom. It is all about perception.

    Thank you Peter.