Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol -- Top 12 Results

I'll be really pissed about that stupid two-minute intro if they go overtime tonight.

I'm already tired of Simon and Kara being in each other's space.

Great. The judges' save is back. Sigh. (eyes rolling)

I don't generally add things to the post once I publish it, but I had two thoughts about the judges' save rule that I want to share:
  • Has there ever been a season less AND more in need of this rule? On one hand, I can't really imagine that the two (maybe three) people that could actually win this thing are going to leave before the top five. However, what a disaster it would be if we did lose Crystal or Siobhan or Didi in the next two or three weeks.
  • Couldn't they just have Ryan say something to the effect of "So and so is going to sing a song of his/her choice while the judges confer" rather than keep up this charade that the "sing for your life" performance actually is factoring into the decision. Because it's not. And it shouldn't. Either it's a wrong decision and they should use the save or it's not and they shouldn't. Nothing the person does in that one moment should matter.
I hope they learned that pretending that they are singing for their life is just annoying. Either save them or not.

How much of each results show will be a Ford commercial this year? They can't really think this is interesting.

Who's in the bottom three? Let's see.

Paige -- That's a mild surprise that she's in the bottom three. I definitely think there were worse performances. And after she survived those dreadful semifinal song choices and not so great vocals, you'd think she would have a little bit of a fan base.

No surprise that Lee is safe. He'd have to do something terrible to not make the tour.

Well I knew Siobhan and Aaron would both be safe.

If only one of these two (Andrew and Tim) are in the bottom three, then one of my bottom three is wrong (and one is right). So, Andrew is safe. He had better step it up if he wants to stick around.

I don't know who this chick is that's singing. I didn't even understand who Ryan said it is. Google says it's Orianthi. What kind of a name is that?

That bottom row has to be feeling pretty good right now knowing only one of them is in the bottom three.

So the first four people he calls have to be safe, right?

Does it seem fair that the top row barely got any screen time and the people on the bottom row are all being interviewed.

Why did the judges switch seats?

There is a car alarm that has been going off for the last ten minutes. My head might explode. Finally, silence.

Well, it had better be Lacey or that is just wrong. Phew.

So, I got two out of three right.

Tim is so sure he should be going home he always looks a little sorry when he's safe.

No. I can't listen to Kesha (I'm not looking for the dollar sign).

I had to add two minutes to the end since they are going to make someone sing before they tell her to go home.

Now why are they going to pretend Lacey has a shot at staying?

Well, this is a little bit of an interesting twist, letting her choose what song she wants to sing. At least that puts it in her hands a little bit. But not really because we know that Paige was the only one Simon thinks is worth saving.

Well, I'm one for one. I think it was week four or something like that last year before I got one right.

I'd ask what you all think, but I'm not even sure anyone is watching (or reading) this year. Anyone out there?


  1. i'm glad it was lacey. and that song she sang to save herself? shouldn't she have sung it good enough to save herself? i'm getting jaded or something...

    david cook was adorable, as always.

    i had to google orianthi, too. she's the chick who was going to play with michael jackson in london. her singing was okay, but her guitar-playing was awesome!

    kesha sucked.

    i'm really, really hoping i start enjoying idol soon.

  2. janet here -- don't worry petr. the lack of comments has nothing to do with your blog, only with what i am sure is a weariness over this season of AI. these results shows need to go to 30 minutes. orianthi? really? who the heck is orianthi? and then she's talking about playing on the grammys and touring with michael jackson and i'm like, "God, i'm so old." and the ford stuff has got to go. maybe to save time, they could just have each performer drive on stage in a ford and leave it there while they sing.

  3. I can't believe I missed this (but Michael Slezak didn't mention it in his recap either so I feel a little better) -- there was no group number last night. So that's at least one improvement they've made on the results show.

  4. Petr - I'm always reading your blog - but not commenting because I gave up watching after the first couple of shows. Idol is not so hot these days (I haven't watched the last couple of years actually but tried because I like your blog!) Keep writing - it's still really fun to read. And I have seen Kesha$$ on another show YUK.