Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol -- Top 3 Results

Let's start with the good news. According to Fox, next year they are trimming the results shows to 30 minutes. Michael Slezak from was asking readers what could be cut to "make the shorter show work?" Well, for several years the results shows were 30 minutes long all season, so how about if they just cut everything they added to bloat them to an hour.

47 million votes tonight. That's 13 million more than last week. Not bad for this miserable season.

This is actually the one results show I traditionally like. I'm a sucker for those "going home" videos.

During the "have you pictured winning" conversation, it seemed like Casey had already resigned himself to 3rd place. He was the only one that didn't come out and say he wanted to win.

Crystal is getting the best medical care of her life. So if you want decent health care, audition for American Idol.

Yeah, Casey has already given his two-week's notice here. "Not every comment [from the judges] has been usable. With all due respect."

I can't believe they made Casey carry his own luggage from the plane. At least they stopped traffic for him.

Casey's single! Oh yeah, baby. There were about 20 girls for every guy at his homecoming.

Who the hell is Travis Garland? Oh. Well, I'm glad I decided not to fast forward through this. He's more entertaining than just about anything we saw last night (or maybe he's just cute).

Bones leaving the Jeffersonian? Noooooooo. I stopped to watch a Kris Allen Ford commercial and saw the Bones preview as well.

The key to the city of Toledo. Now Crystal can come and go as she pleases. They'll probably want her to water the plants and feed the cats when they're away now.

How cool is it that Lee got to throw out the first pitch at a Cubs game. That is officially the coolest top three homecoming event ever.

I have to admit that Lee's homecoming brought the tears out of me.

I guess I will finally know who Justin Bieber is. Turns out he is the 21st century Donny Osmond. I'm not going to say I'm really a fan, but again, he's got more charisma on stage than Lee and Casey put together.

And now for the results. Next week it's Lee vs. Crystal. No surprise there.

So, now, when he's leaving he finally shows a little personality while he's singing. Where was this for the last 10 weeks? This is his absolute best performance of the season. At least he left on a great note.

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