Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol -- Top 4 Results

These results shows seem to last forever anymore. Not too much to report tonight. Everything went pretty much as expected.

Idol tour tickets go on sale this weekend. Has there ever been news that was more useless than that?

Fantasia's performance was really subdued for her. I didn't hate the song, but it seems a little tame for a first single after she hasn't had an album out in three years.

All the top 3 trips home and they didn't show one shot of Kelly Clarkson's trip home. Bah.

Once Casey was declared safe, the rest of the night was spent knowing that it had to be Mike leaving, but being terrified that it would be one of the other two and the already bad season would be completely ruined.

Bringing Chris Daughtry back tonight was fantastic because I really needed to remember why I love this show.

At the point where there were three left, I thought it was plausible that Lee could go home because he went first last night and didn't do a very good job. Once he was safe, it became unthinkable that Mike could outlast Crystal.

That Bon Jovi performance seemed to go on forever. I wouldn't have been unhappy if he had been eliminated tonight.

Once Mike was finally and irretrievably done, I was able to almost instantly stop hating him.

I have to say, as dreadful as this season has been, I'm happy with the top three. I know I'm in the minority being a fan of Casey, but I'm OK with that. He'll get his trip home and do two songs next week and that will be that.

Only two more weeks left. I can't wait.

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