Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol Semifinals -- Top 12 Girls

Last year I had really high hopes for the girls; then the performance shows started. So this year I'm keeping my expectations in check. Earn it bitches! On with the show.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson (Only Girl in the World) -- This is rough. Really rough.

OK. I refrained from commenting in the boys' post, but c'mon J-Lo and Steven. Toughen up. These people are not as good as you're giving them credit for.

Naima Adedapo (Summertime) -- I keep thinking I don't like her, but then I always do. I like that the arrangement is different enough that it won't invite comparisons to Fantasia.

Oh. I guess I was wrong. Way to go Randy.

Kendra Chantelle (Impossible) -- I see her and I think, "pretty blonde cannon fodder". She's got some talent, but in my opinion she sounds as generic as she looks.

Rachel Zevita (Criminal) -- Nice dress. But let's face it. There's almost no way this girl ends up in the top 12. I'm glad she said she had fun up there. At least she can hold on to that tomorrow night when she's heading home.

Karen Rodriguez (Hero) -- Love the voice; don't love the song. Like the dress; not so much the hair. The Spanglish version was a nice touch. If nothing else, it got Jennifer on her side. She's on the bubble. Could go either way.

Lauren Turner (Seven Day Fool) -- I'm not sure I see a young Bette Midler there. She's got a good voice, but I think she gets lost in the middle of the pack somewhere. Her chances really hinge on how the rest of the girls do tonight.

Ashton Jones (Love All Over Me) -- She's my favorite of the night so far. (Damning with faint praise?) It all worked for me -- the song, her voice, the look.

Julie Zorilla (Breakaway) -- I really liked her in Hollywood, but this is a dreadful song choice. She's going to be in some real trouble after this performance.

Haley Reinhart (Fallin) -- This girl is my dark horse. I always forget about her, but I really enjoy her voice. And I think she's hot. She put herself in the running with this performance I think.

Thia Megia (Out Here On My Own) -- I thought the big stage was going to eat her alive, but I was dead wrong. I still don't think she's the best girl in the competition, but she just convinced me she is in the top five.

Lauren Alaina (Turn On the Radio) -- First thought when she started singing -- Carrie Underwood. She's been my favorite since her first audition. She's going to have to fall off the stage to not end up in the top four.

Pia Toscano (I'll Stand by You) -- She had me at "don't be ashamed to cry." She sang the hell out of this song. Beautiful. Probably one of the five best semifinal performances ever.

Here are my top five:

1. Pia Toscano

2. Lauren Alaina

3. Thia Megia

4. Haley Reinhart

5. Ashton Jones

Wild Card Pick: Naima Adedapo or Karen Rodriguez

What did you think of the girls? Better than the boys? Worse?

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  1. hey, it's janet. i can't comment fully yet because i dvr'ed it and will catch up with it later today. i just wanted to say that "pretty blonde cannon fodder" would be a great name for a band.