Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AI Semi-Finals -- Top 12 Boys

What the hell? Ryan, "This is American Idol" is sacred. Don't be screwing with it. I do not appreciate it.

First impressions -- Did Ellen come dressed to clean the studio? Even less armpit tonight from Kara -- keep it up girl. You might end up only being Hitler by the end of the season instead of Satan.

What was up with Randy saying the girls blew it out last night? Were you even watching dawg?

Let's see if the guys can put to rest this notion that it's the girls' year. I'm going to try to use a little more specific rating scale to differentiate the contestants from now on so I'm going to go out two decimal places with my ratings.

Todrick Hall (Since U Been Gone) -- I'm trying to keep an open mind here, but this arrangement is a hot mess (that is NOT a good thing, Ellen). That said, he's not a bad performer and he certainly isn't afraid to take a risk. 5.75

Arrggh. Is this going to be another night of Kara and I agreeing? I'm going to have to start calling myself Lucifer.

Aaron Kelly (Here Comes Goodbye) -- I still think this kid is too young. He would be way better in a year or two. However, this is the best I've seen/heard him so far, so maybe he's going to shut me up. Still, a little boring on the presentation/performance. But the vocal sounded good to me. 6.75

I do like how "aw shucks" he is. And how small do you have to be to be towered over by Ryan?

Jermaine Sellers (Get Here) -- He was really working the damage control during his clip -- Boo Boo the fool. I like that. There seems to be a volume problem tonight. I'm having a difficult time hearing. Is that just me? What's up with the arrangements? Is this "remove the melody" night? Anyhoo, I guess his voice is OK, but I am just not a fan. Not even a little. 6.0

Ellen has been a bit of a disappointment to me so far. She doesn't really express herself very clearly, especially considering she's a talk show host. Randy mentioned the lack of melody too, so I guess that part's not just me.

Apparently they aren't big fans either, because they just about crucified him.

Tim Urban (Apologize) -- This is awful. So much so that I really want to fast forward. Dreadful. This might have to be one of the ten or 15 worst Idol performances ever. And it's a shame because I was all set to like him after that clip. He does have pretty eyes though. 2.5

Nice, Kara. Thanks for telling him that Simon said they were standing up to try to leave. Priceless.

The poor kid. They made "you're adorable" sound more like an accusation than a compliment. On the upside, he'll probably get a big sympathy vote.

Joe Munoz (You and I Both) -- I can't hear these guys at all really. I'm still having a hard time letting go of the fact that this guy is here and Jermaine Purifory isn't. He's just so-so for me. So far, the guys have done nothing to indicate that they are even as good as the girls, let alone better. 6.25

Oooh. Our first "for me for you" of the season. I'm surprised to hear Simon say he's the best of the night so far. I thought Aaron was better.

Limp and forgettable -- "rather like our host." Good one Simon.

Can I just say that I don't really need Ellen's op-ed at the end of every critique by Simon.

Tyler Grady (American Woman) -- I've been waiting since his first audition to hear him sing again. He's my favorite so far tonight, which is basically damning with faint praise. I do want to watch him when he's on stage, though; that's more than I can say for the others. He's for sure not the best singer in the world, but it total it all works for me. 7.25

They are all saying he has done the same thing over and over, but other than that first audition we haven't seen him so it's not really that tired for me yet. And I like his attitude.

Lee Dewyze (Chasing Cars) -- He looks the most comfortable on stage of everyone that's performed tonight. That seemed like a short song, but I liked him more than I expected I would. 7.0

OK. His teary eyes are winning me over.

John Park (God Bless the Child) -- So we hardly saw this guy in Hollywood and he comes out with this for his first shot? He's all over the place. In some spots you can hear that he has a good voice in there somewhere, but then it's gone just as quickly. Our streak of two not terrible singers in a row has been broken. 4.75

Ellen hopes people vote for everyone. She's Paula without the quirky drunk appeal.

So, Ryan asked him why he chose the song and he said because it was a very important song to him. That's pretty indulgent, which is just what Kara said. I'm not sure I even want to watch Idol anymore if I have to stop mocking Kara. It's not natural.

Michael Lynche (This Love) -- They've really pushed him on us and I'm still not sure why exactly. It's not that he's bad, but he certainly doesn't wow me. He's just OK for me dawg. 7.0

Simon is dead on with his critique here (which I didn't write in my notes so I don't remember what it was, just that I agreed totally).

I think Ellen is putting a little too much stock in their back stories. I don't really care about his baby. I just want to be entertained. And so far, entertainment has been in short supply.

Alex Lambert (Wonderful World) -- What on earth did they see in this kid? I don't even like his voice as compared to the mediocre crap we've heard tonight. I don't get him at all. 4.5

Good voice, Simon? I don't hear that at all. Based on all their comments, he must sound very different live.

He is sooo going to get the rest of the pity vote that doesn't go to Tim Urban.

Casey James (Heaven) -- Those stupid antics by Randy and Kara are totally distracting him. He looks like he's going to bust out laughing any second. I really, really like him though. I want to marry him. I have zero objectivity here. By the top 7 or 8 I will have forgotten who Kris Allen is. 8.75

The whole judges' panel just about came unglued. I have to say, I'm shocked at how much Simon liked him.

Andrew Garcia (Sugar We're Going Down) -- It's like he and Casey are in a different competition from the rest of the guys. This isn't as fantastic as "Straight Up" was, but he still makes the rest of them (except Casey) look really weak in comparison. 8.0

I don't think I agree with the judges at all here. I can't believe how they skewered him.

Picking the two guys to go home is a little tricky because I think there is definitely some sympathy voting that's going to happen. That's going to muddy things up a bit. But, that's why I get paid ... well, nothing. My bold predictions are that John Park and Joe Munoz will be going home. If I had my druthers, Alex Lambert would be going, but I think he's going to squeak by.



  1. Todrick - 6 beautiful eyes
    Aaron - 8 little cutie
    Jermaine - 6 a shoe needing polish
    Tim - 3 thinks he's Bobby Brady
    Joe - 7 Viva la Mexico plea
    Tyler - 1 O M G the worst of any season
    Lee - 8 Guy next door
    John - 2 Second worst performance of any season
    Michael - 5 b o r i n g
    Alex - 7 seemed like he shit himself with fear
    Casey - 8 very polished
    Andrew - 9 most confident and sounds pleasant


    And oh my, is Ellen sinking quickly, I love her to death but she is oh so NOT right for the show

  2. oh I forgot ..... definitely without a doubt bye bye Tyler and John

  3. Really? Is Tyler really that bad? I know I can't judge accurately because between him and Casey I can't even concentrate when they are on stage, but I'm surprised that I'm that clouded by the way he looks.

  4. Umm, no Tyler was not that bad. Not in comparison to everyone else. I totally got what the judges were saying about switching it up, but for this first week, I understand we still need to see what he is all about. It was fine.

    I'm a little afraid for Andrew. Not that he is going home or anything, but that he won't be able to live up the expectations of the bar he set with "Straight Up".

    Here's what I think... with the exception of Lee, there are going to be no surprises on the guy's side for the top 6. It's going to be Aaron, Tyler, Michael, Casey, Lee and Andrew.

    BTW, my boy-crush of this year is Lee. I get why Tyler might be hot, but I don't get Casey at all, at least in terms of looks. Then again, I'm not particular attracted to blonds.

  5. I am thoroughly confused with how they are all swooning over Casey as well. I just don't get that. I don't find him "all that" at all. Oh well, that being said, I do like his voice.
    As for John, I had to fast forward through his song, It was painful. So sorry namesake had to type that.
    I think poor Tim Urban is going home as well. Looks 9 voice 2. He may become the Sanjaya of this year though. Lets hope not.

    I like Ellen or E as the dawg calls her. LOL
    Randy bleach your bottom teeth to match the top a bit please.

  6. I can only tell you what it is about Casey for me. Blondes are number one on my "favorite type" list; guys with long hair are somewhere in the top 5; and tall skinny guys make it into the top 10 for sure. I could barely build a guy myself that would be more to my liking.

  7. Ok, I'm starting w/the boys, but I'll get to the girls (is it me or do most of them look like they're related?)

    I really like Todrick as a performer and taking a KC song was an interesting move.
    I can barely stay awake through Aaron, Jermaine (please put him out of his misery and send him home), Tim (I love that song...what was he thinking!?) Tyler and Michael.
    Let me say that I despise the 'sympathy vote' and also, that one cannot downplay the 'appearance' aspect of the judges' comments. They like 'the look' of certain people regardless of their (lack of) talent (ie Alex)
    I really want to like Joe, but geez.
    I didn't care for Lee (pitchy) or John (talk about the voice/song not matching the picture)
    I agree w/you on Casey and Andrew...they should be the 2 to watch...

    thanks again P!

  8. janet here. oh, ho-hum. what a dull season it will be with this lot. i think we could make it a lot more interesting if we make a drinking game with "for me for you." who's game? anyway, i also don't see the major attraction with casey although he does stand out in terms of polish and talent from the crowd.he's cute but i don't think he's THAT great-looking. they're acting as if george clooney is up there or something. as for tyler (for whom i originally had high hopes) i was surprised at what a turn-off he was. the second he strutted onto stage i thought exactly what the judges eventually slammed him for. he is a cliche who has just copied the moves of some great rock stars but has nothing different or original to offer. go front a doors tribute band if that's all you've got, pal. tim and alex were just a disaster. as with the girls, i didn't come away loving anyone. could be a long season. sigh...

  9. ok, petr. the results show has been over for a whole eight minutes! where's the blog post?!!!!!! -- janet ; )

  10. sorry jan. i would have had it posted quicker but i was too lazy to turn on the lamp in my bedroom and i had to type in the dark.