Thursday, February 25, 2010

AI Top 24 Results

Well, I didn't do results show posts last year, but I think I will just do a quick one each week to give us a sounding off place.

1. Kara's husband is HOT! One more reason to not like her.

2. There are way too many people still in this contest for them to be doing a group performance It was more like a mob.

3. As soon as I saw the top row of girls, I knew I had at least one prediction right. Especially when it came down to Katie and Janell. C'mon, there was no way Katie was going home. They should have had it come down to Janell and Katelyn. That would have been a real toss up.

4. It certainly didn't seem like Janell was surprised to be going home. In fact, it didn't even look like it bothered her all that much (unlike someone we'll get to in a few sentences).

5. I LOVE Allison Iraheta. I also love that song. In fact, I love the whole album. Here's my shout out for A.I.'s debut album. Download it now. But, was it my imagination or did she look like she was ready to crap her pants when she was performing. I think she looked more nervous than the contestants did on Tuesday and Wednesday.

6. I was stunned when they sat Paige Miles and Lacey Brown down first in that bottom row. At that point, I figured it had to be Ashley but I wasn't certain because I thought she was probably the fourth best of the girls on Tuesday. And it really looked like Didi was certain she was the one going home.

7. For that matter, it looked like Ashley was certain Didi was the one going home. I'm not sure I've ever seen someone so bitterly angry at their elimination (maybe Chris Daughtry when he left and Katharine McPhee stayed, but that's it). I've never seen a singer sing an entire song through gritted teeth before.

8. There were four guys in that top row that easily could have gone home. I really had no idea what might happen there. Once they had Tim Urban and Joe Munoz together though, I had a feeling it was going to be Joe (which was who I picked to leave). That sympathy vote is way too strong.

9. Tim looked not only shocked, but disgusted that he was staying. In fact, Todrick had to want to tell him to shut the hell up because every 20 seconds when Joe was singing, Tim was leaning over with a stunned look and whispering something.

10. I wish Kris Allen would perform on every results show. I very much enjoyed his cover of Let It Be.

11. I was not nearly as shocked at Tyler leaving as I was at Alex Lambert getting to stay. If they had to eliminate Tyler they should have just made both of them leave because Alex has no business being there still.

12. There is no 12. Fill in the blank for 12.


  1. 12. you caught so much more than i did! i was, i think, grabbing something from the kitchen when ashley was singing so i didn't get to see the lockjaw performance you described. i missed the first few minutes so i didn't see kara's hot hubby or the group performance. i think certainly that tim and/or alex should've gone but i won't miss the guys who did leave. that tyler was certainly pissy, huh? and the way he sang his song i was SO sure he was going to do something morrison-esque, like drop the microphone and walk off or expose himself or something. i figured his mindset was, "if i'm going off i'm going to make them remember me and extend my 15 minutes of fame." just goes to show you he's nothing like morrison after all. -- janet

  2. Oh. I didn't get to see Tyler sing because Tivo cut off at 9pm and the show must have gone over a couple minutes. I guess I have to start tacking on a few extra minutes to the results shows from now on.

  3. This season really does bore the hell out of me.

    I was three for four, but I swear Joe got robbed viva la Mexico or not he should have not gone home

  4. I hope they all sing better next week. They were probably anxious.
    Kara's husband is hot.

  5. Kris Allen was EXCELLENT last night. That song is right on his register and is his song type. Great choice (oh I'm sorry he already won). Kara's husband is VERY good looking and Kara looks amazing herself. They make a nice couple.

    I think its obvious, as it was last year who the top 4 or 5 are going to be. Tim Urban is such a good-looking kid thst he may stay on for a while. Hopefully he will rise to the occasion.

    Thanks Peter for the blog....I look forward to it everyday.

    PS The guy with the long blond hair was certainly a surprise that he had that kind of stage presence and poise. He was by far the most relaxed on stage. What the judges did to him is inexcusable, but it actually goes to show the guy's professionalism and concentration even more.

  6. janet again. speaking of what the judges did to casey when he was singing, did you all notice ellen's subtle poo-pooing of that when she said something like "it wasn't fair what they did to you." i can't remember if she said that last night or on the actual night casey performed. good for her.