Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol -- 9 Becomes 7

I'm just going to make 10 comments about last night's incredibly boring and predictable results show.

1. I want to know, since they all allegedly watch these shows on tv afterward, who still thinks the group numbers are fun or entertaining for anyone. The only two reasons I don't fast forward through them are because I'm writing the blog and I keep hoping Casey or Crystal will just stop lip syncing and laugh directly into the camera.

2. All you need to do to understand how little talent this year's crop has is watch the Ford music videos (and compare them to last year's). They barely let them do anything other than stand still.

3. The only moment of anything even resembling drama was when Ryan brought down Andrew, Aaron and Casey -- because I thought it was completely plausible that they would be the bottom three.

4. Usually, no matter how much I don't like someone I am sad when they have to sing their goodbye song. The only thing I thought/felt when Andrew was singing was that this might have been his absolute worst performance of the season. It was like he was allergic to the notes.


6. I don't know who Justin Gaston is, but I might start tuning into If I Can Dream.

7. Didi Benami always reminded me of Brooke White.

8. I was wondering where the lasers came from during Adam's performance (apparently he brought them with him).

9. I was sad when Katie was singing her goodbye. She should have never picked Let It Be. The emotion of leaving plus having sung it about her grandmother ensured that she was going to mangle it. She actually had about 45 seconds where she found the tune, but the very last note was excruciating.

10. Alicia Keys is the mentor next week. Yay.


  1. I'm super sad about Katie :( But I was ready to see Adam go. I want Siobhan out next!

  2. I can't wait to see Alicia Keys. At least we know one performance that will be awesome.

  3. petr, i actually FORGOT to watch last night! not until i saw someone's post on facebook around 10:00 did i realize that i just completely spaced about it! (plus the phillies game was really, really good...)

    i'm thinking it says something about this season, no?

    (btw - no note on facebook??)

  4. the process of posting and tagging it can be tedious and I barely felt like writing this one. I hope next week is good because my will to watch is waning.

  5. petr, obviously i understand how your will to watch is waning (nice alliteration, btw!). i think all of us are going through the motions at this point.