Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol -- Top 7

So, here we are at the top 7. I have to say something about Alicia Keys being the mentor. When I suggested her in last week's blog, I had no idea she would be the mentor this week. However, when I suggested her, I wanted them to be singing songs from her catalog as well as having her as a mentor. So, I'm only half happy with how this week turned out in that regard. I'm barely half happy about how the week turned out in other regards.

The first time they did Idol Gives Back (season six), no one got sent home that week and they sent two people home the following week. When they did it again in season seven, they did send someone home that week (Michael Johns got eliminated). I'm curious to see which way they go this year. I'm guessing they will send someone home because there was just a week two weeks ago where no on went home, but we'll see.

Randy was not in a charitable mood tonight apparently, as he returned to his practice of booing Simon when he was introduced.

I was surprised that they didn't make any mention of the report that Crystal almost quit the show. They had been dealing with everything that happened in the media earlier in the year. I wonder why they decided to ignore this. Maybe she didn't want to talk about it. Or maybe they will deal with it as part of the results banter tomorrow.

When they showed the group meeting Alicia Keys and Big Mike picked her up, my blood boiled. I'm beginning to detest him. I get bile in my throat every time he's on camera.

On that note... Oh, you all can deal with this in the comments section, but I can't remember another night where I was so at odds with the judges' opinions. I was watching on a smaller TV without all the speakers and what not, but it still seemed like we were watching completely different performances most of the night.

Casey James (Don't Stop) -- I was worried about this from the get go. This song really has no drama to it. He's going first. He's like a statue up there most of the time. A pinch of salt and you have an award-winning recipe for disaster. What I noticed most was that he chose these very stilted ways to "show his personality", as Alicia instructed him. Quick poll, which do you think was more fake: his smile or his tan? I know I can't decide. And that three-step stroll away from the microphone -- man, can he work a stage or what? Now, if this were Guitar Idol... But it's not. And this was only barely passable, which is not good when you go first. 7.2

So, this was the one time tonight (until the last performance) that the judges and I mostly agreed.

Lee DeWyze (The Boxer) -- I kind of chuckled when Ryan reminded us that Lee used to be a paint salesman because I wondered if he ever had the problem of the paint having more personality than him. The first few notes were a disaster if you ask me (and if you aren't asking me, you are at the wrong blog). So far I'm not very inspired. I love this song and, for the most part, I really like him. So, you'd think that would equal me enjoying this, because I certainly can't say he sang it poorly. It was as if they (the song and him) diminished each other. That's the only real way I can explain how I felt about it. 7.5

I loved that Ellen said it was the best of the night (and that Simon mocked her a little for it). I don't know what moment Kara thought he had up there tonight, but I must have totally missed the boat.

Tim Urban (Better Days) -- I thought Alicia was very respectful of Tim, which had to be a nice change of pace for him. And damn, she must be a miracle worker or something. First of all, I think this song choice was one of his better decisions of the season. But more than that, for the first time this year his eyes aren't vacant. It's almost as though he knows where he is and why he's here. I"m calling this very, very good. 8.0

I just don't know how they could possibly say this was disappointing. Have they seen this guy perform before?

Aaron Kelly (I Believe I Can Fly) -- I was immediately worried. It didn't sound like Alicia thought this was going to be any good. I hate his hair tonight. It's almost as awful as the beginning of this performance. The constant shots of the idiots swaying in the pit wasn't helping anything either. He picked it up at the very end of the song and finished strong, but overall that was sub par. 6.75

Again, the judges saw and heard something I didn't.

Siobhan Magnus (When You Believe) -- Siobhan has grown on me as the season has gone on. She was really so-so for me in the semifinals, but now I can't really imagine this season without her quirkiness. I liked how heartfelt and sincere this seemed tonight. It may not have been a flawless vocal, but I think it was one of her more enjoyable performances. 8.2

So, since I finally liked someone of course the judges did not. I think she needs to stop addressing the comments the judges make. I guess it means she's listening to them, but she starts to sound like a pageant contestant during "the question".

[Be aware: we are temporarily entering a compliment-free zone. For the next three minutes, it will be all insults.]

Michael Lynche (Hero) -- I dread his performances more than Tim Urban's anymore. I hate him. He makes me want to cut myself to distract me from the agony of watching him. I'm sure the judges will love this, but it left me cold. 7.3

Thank God for Kara (there's a sentence you don't read every day). Simon is almost certainly right that he will be back next week. Where's my razor blade?

[We now return to normal.]

Crystal Bowersox (People Get Ready) -- For a moment I thought she was going to do the entire song a capella. While that would have been bold (only Bo Bice has ever done it), the way she did it was perfect. In fact, this performance moved her into another stratosphere. Just in terms of their performances and growth on the show (not their careers afterward), this was on par with Kelly, Carrie and Fantasia in the moments when it became they were absolutely going to win their respective seasons. 10

If I'm not mistaken, that is the first 10 of the season. The crying at the end only made it more perfect.

Just a side note before I call the bottom three. When they gave out Crystal's phone number at the end, they used her dress rehearsal performance. Normally, it's a subtle difference, but tonight it was blatant.

So, if my ears weren't fully dysfunctional tonight, the bottom three should be Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynch and Casey James . Even though I don't see any reason he should be eliminated before the top five, I've a strong feeling that it will be Casey singing during the last moments of tomorrow night's show. I have never wanted to be wrong about a prediction more than I want to be wrong about this one.

So, which show did you see? The one I watched or the one the judges saw?

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