Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol -- Top 6

So, here we are at the top six -- a boring paint salesman, a generic high school student, a weird glass blower, a hippie-chick mother, an annoying father and a sexy construction worker (why did I not have any idea that Casey was a construction worker).

OK. So I will apologize (half-heartedly) for calling Lee boring. When he's singing, I really like him; otherwise, he has about as much personality as paint. As for generic, weird and annoying -- I think I was being kind.

I'm rambling because I don't think I have a lot to say tonight. Even though they all sounded as good or better than usual, the show was musical Lunesta. Last week, my notes on seven performances spanned five pages in my notebook. Tonight, they didn't quite take up two. We had better get started because you know what can happen when you stay awake after taking Ambien. I could go into an AI blackout and in the morning not remember that I voted for Michael Lynche a hundred times.

Lee DeWyze (Still the One) -- This is the only Shania song I know. On the one hand, I was glad to be starting out with something I like; on the other, after this I'll have little to look forward to. It is a little amazing to me how much more interesting he gets when he opens his mouth to sing as opposed to when he's chatting with Ryan or the mentor. This started out ever so slightly rough, but by the third line or so he hit his stride. He didn't change the song up very much, but I really like the little ways he did. As an aside: the way he was singing out of one side of his mouth during parts of the song made it look like he had a mini-stroke or something. Regardless, you can't really ask for a better start to the show (at least not this season). 8.25

Did anyone else notice Ellen turn to look for validation from the audience after her silly "all aboard the Shania Twain" joke? The was a little odd.

Michael Lynche (It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing) -- I really don't know what to say about him anymore, other than I wish they hadn't saved him. Tonight, he hit all the notes. His performance was the least cheesy he's been in weeks. And still, it bored me to tears (which I hope is the same reason Shania had a tear in her eye). 7.6

I don't know what they all see in him that I'm missing. I really can't stand how they fawn all over him. There was nothing special there.

Casey James (Don't) -- He went with an interesting strategy by agreeing that he was bad last week. Let's see if he actually does bring something different this week. Sitting behind the judges has become the go-to spot when they need "a sincere" performance. When he ditches the fake smile, he's a completely different guy. I LOVED this song. It's one of the few I could see myself downloading from iTunes this season (although more likely I'll just wait till someone puts it on a bit torrent site). This was as good or better than anything else he's done this season (right up there with Jealous Guy). 9.25

Crystal Bowersox (No One Needs to Know) -- This is a little bit of a fluffy song for her. She sounds as good as she always does, but this my be my least favorite Crystal performance of the season. I think having the band surrounding her like that took a little of bit from her presence up there. 7.75

Even though it was my least favorite of her performances, I think Simon went a little overboard with his coffee house analogy. It's not like she was singing "Smelly Cat".

Aaron Kelly (You've Got a Way) -- This might be the best he's sounded all season. He finally doesn't look overmatched by the song. Again though, I'm not feeling it. Are all her songs this drab? No wonder I've never listened to her music. 7.75

I love how all the judges decided right here that it was going to be a tough choice tomorrow. Almost as if they were saying, "Damn, we were sure you were going to be one going home this week, but now it's not so clear."

Siobhan Magnus (Any Man of Mine) -- I'm not really sure what to make of this. The first time I watched it, I thought it was all over the place -- some great spots, some really messy ones. Then after the judges went nuts, I watched it again. It didn't seem quite as erratic the second time, but I still wasn't wowed like they were. 8.0

Well, I think the fact that they were all better than average this week will mean a pretty typical bottom three. It's got to be -- for sure -- Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly. After that, I'm going to hedge. It probably should be Siobhan, but Crystal could end up there for the first time. I don't think it matters much who that third one is because with any luck, Big Mike will finally be gone for good.

What did you all think? Were you as bored as I was?

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