Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol -- Top 6 Results

I just wrote this in real time as I was watching because I couldn't be bothered to take notes and then write it. I hate the results shows this year.

At least we're being spared a group number.

Why are they having four performances without any of them being former idols?

Since Ryan said Shakira and Rascal Flats are here and there are performances by Lady Antebellum and Sons of Sylvia I guess only the first two are live.

He didn't say Shania would be performing, but that seems odd.

Well, Rascal Flats was eh for me. A bit sleepy if you ask me. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I'm excited about any of these performances.

Wow. I guess Tim Urban was the last incompetent one since they finally gave them something to do in the Ford music video. It wasn't particularly good, but they got to do something other than stand still for a change.

This Shrek movie must be a disaster. Even the jokes they showed in the trailer were awful.

I remember Antonio Banderas being better looking than that.

Three groups of two, so we won't actually know who the third one of the bottom three is.

It does not bode well that Aaron and Mike aren't in the same group.

Oh, the big fake out. I'm not surprised about Mike or Siobhan, but I thought Casey would have gotten more votes last night. Someone commented that Aaron probably picked up all of Tim Urban's fans; that's probably not too far off.

Sons of Sylvia isn't bad, but even with Carrie's endorsement I'm not likely to be downloading any of their music any time soon.

All of this non-Idol music is a little distracting for me. It hardly seems like an American Idol episode at all. Not to mention that so far (I'm currently watching Lady Antebellum) not one of these performances has had a milligram of energy.

I know I'm probably supposed to like Shakira, but I just don't. So, I'm fast forwarding through this. I'm jonesing for results.

Oh my God. I'm going to vomit. I can't believe he's still here. Look what they did by saving him.

Well, thank God Casey is safe, but how on earth could Siobhan be going home before Aaron and Mike? That's just crazy.

Well, next week is Sinatra. That should eat Aaron Kelly alive.

Like her or hate her, this season just got a little less interesting (if that's even possible at this point).


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