Friday, August 19, 2011

Move Along -- Nothing to See Here Tonight (Really Nothing)

So, I have a whole new respect for people that really do write every day. Here we are on day 19 of 30 and I feel like I’m being dragged behind a car right now. I’m exhausted. There was the trip to Atlanta, the ridiculously long trip back, then the drive up to LA for the Go-Go’s concert and back the next morning to go to work.

I’ve barely unpacked from the trip. There is shit all over the bedroom. Clothes in the dryer, clean clothes on the floor, dirty clothes on the floor. I’m about two days away from not being able to tell the clean from the dirty and having to wash everything all over.

I still haven’t found somewhere to take the car to get it fixed; I haven’t touched my fourth step in three weeks; the lawn needs to be mowed. Somehow tonight I ended up in a sketch for a show at the San Diego Feeling Good convention Labor Day weekend. And when I say somehow, I really mean that I didn’t know exactly what was going on until the rehearsal was over.

I know people who say that if they don’t write every day they feel sick – like writing is a basic necessity (like food) for them. I seriously do not have that affliction. This is the most days in a row I’ve ever written in my life. And believe me, there will be no blog post on September 1. Don’t even bother looking for one. I am counting the hours until I can go a whole 24 without pounding on this keyboard.

The strange thing is that I thought the difficult part would be thinking of something to write about. While it hasn’t been a walk in the park coming up with ideas, I have generally been able to get going once I start typing. The more difficult part is finding enough time before the end of the day to write something meaningful. I fully intended tonight’s post to be a review of the Go-Go’s concert, but I know I couldn’t do it justice in the amount of time left in the day. So, that will have to be for tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you ignored the title of this post and are reading this right now, I apologize. But on the bright side, I do feel better. And I’ve written more than 100 words for the 19th consecutive day. Good night.

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